The store, thanks also to the skillful restoration of the original furnishings, has kept its atmosphere which masterfully mixes craftsmanship and care, meticulousness and warmth. Crossing the threshold means getting lost among shelves full of history and beauty, rarities and precious unique pieces.

The 1930s: the beginnings

The history of Antica Cartotecnica began almost a century ago, in 1930, with Elisa Berti, grandmother of the current owner. At the time, the building housed a large wholesale stationery warehouse with an adjoining retail store and Ms. Berti began working there as an employee.
In just a few years, however, the si
tuation changed. The owner of the warehouse had to move abroad and Elisa decided to take over the business and continue to run it, at first with two other employees, then by herself, helped by her children.

A historic shot immortalizes the windows of the Antica Cartotecnica, in the beating heart of Rome in the 1950s

The 1950s: a new life

A new life begins for Antica Cartotecnica. The dimensions are reduced and the store concentrates on writing products, becoming a destination for enthusiasts, even famous ones. Maestro Edoardo de Filippo, for example, bought inkwells and nibs to compose his works, while Renato Rascel, another frequent visitor, loved to buy fountain pens and precious writing paper.

The 90s and the new millennium: the third generation

Today Antica Cartotecnica is managed by Alessandro, Elisa’s grandson, the founder of the business.

Over time, other products have been added: bags, leather briefcases and document holders, desk sets, typewriters, globes, both vintage and contemporary. In addition, a line of products has been created with the Antica Cartotecnica brand, including notebooks and diaries made with vintage cardboard and leather, whose manufacture is entrusted exclusively to Italian artisans. Finally, Antica Cartotecnica offers an accurate assistance and repair service for pens, prints business cards, letterheads and announcements and creates unique artisanal leather goods.