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Choosing the right gift

Finding the right gift idea for a loved one can be a difficult though exciting and rewarding task. Because “giving” is a precious sign of affection that vibrates hidden chords, both in those who give and in those who receive. Choosing the right gift means “saying something”, and therefore requires to take time and to have peace of mind. This is why, in Antica Cartotecnica, we pay special attention to the selection of gift items so they may turn into unique surprises.

Those who visit us know they can stay in our store as long as they want, carefully scrutinize our shelves and ask for advice until they find the perfect gift. There are opportunities to satisfy different needs and tastes, all combined by elegance and originality. Unique period pieces, vintage objects, high quality modern products. And then, the cherry on top: a wide selection of unique greeting cards, to make every occasion truly special.