Repair Services

Repair of fountain pens and vintage pens, specialized assistance and maintenance

Center specialized in the repair of fountain pens

Loving the written word and pens, means taking care of them at all times, especially when they break or have problems. We live in a world where everything is “disposable”, but we feel nostalgia for a time when things were “fixed”. This is why, in addition to selling, in Antica Cartotecnica we also deal with the repair of pens, fountain pens and otherwise.

We offer enthusiasts and collectors a specialized assistance service (repair, cleaning and maintenance) for their pens, both vintage and contemporary. We employ our utmost commitment and professionalism to solve any problem and make every pen entrusted to us like new. Be it for some old pen found in a drawer or some rare piece from a private collection, we are passionate about our contribution to restoring it to original splendor.

Our business is based on three strengths: precise diagnosis, transparent quoting and accurate repair. We know that each fountain pen is a small miracle of physics and we respect its essence.

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