Writing Products

Fountain pens, ball and roller pens, pencils, pencil cases, notebooks, writing paper and much more.

The passion for writing is destined to never fade

Antica Cartotecnica has always been a temple of those who love to write and adore objects for writing. Famous names from twentieth century Italy have passed through here, such as Eduardo De Filippo and Renato Rascel, alongside thousands of illustrious strangers. All sharing the same appreciation for the delicate creaking of crisp paper and the deep charms of ink. A passion for writing, destined to never fade, capable of crossing centuries and superseding technological innovations, gliding over them.

Our shelves are filled with fountain pens and ballpoint pens, both vintage and new. And pencils, notebooks, pencil cases, letter writing paper and everything you need to give vent to your creative vein with handwriting. Products from the best brands in the industry or unique vintage pieces, all selected for quality, functionality, beauty and elegance. Giving or treating yourself to such an object is an emotion destined to turn into a precious heirloom.